Sparks of Hope on LAU Byblos: Students Mobilize Against Tuition Increases

Mokh Libnene

Today, I was proud to say that I was taking part in something new. Something beautiful and exciting. I was being part of a much-needed change.

Day 1:

Today was the first day in the month of October. Today, the Byblos campus of LAU woke up to the unfair and unsignaled increases in tuition fees. Today, students started taking back their rights as students. 

This is my third year in LAU – Byblos. In the past two years, I have not really witnessed many situations where students were really mobilizing for their rights as mere students. In a very politically polarized campus that has two opposing political groups, many students did not feel motivated enough to be more engaged in improving their campus structure and campus life. Also, many LAU officials in the Byblos campus were not doing the best they could to improve our (urban) Byblos campus…

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