ASM Letter: Stop Tuition Fee Increase!

Dear esteemed LAU Administration,

Joining the student body of the Lebanese American University is always a sought ambition by high school graduates. However, due to the exponential increase in the cost of living, lower and middle class students are struggling to afford a decent education.

We, the student body at Lebanese American University, and after being subject to an unfair increase in the tuition fees on an average of 7.29%, and taking into consideration the university’s claims of increasing budget and investment on the academic level, petition you, as the administrative board of Lebanese American University, for the following concerns:

1. Cancelling all the tuition increases that have been introduced at the academic

year 2013-2014 which range from 6.22% (Intensive English) to 15.14%

(Executive Master of Business Administration).

2. Increasing transparency of the university budget in general, especially

concerning the needless establishment of the Executive Center at Solidere

and the inauguration of the Headquarters in New York while our campus

lacks various vital upgrades (proper career guidance office, proper projection

in a couple of buildings, maintenance of the old buildings, a more prepared

campus for rainy days and storms, and much more …).

3. Reconsidering the criteria in issuing financial aids, work-study programs, and

graduate assistantships so that the financial aid and scholarship office would

benefit as much students as possible, and an issuing of a financial plan that

would be compatible with the current economic inflation.

4. Providing alternative approaches for the payment and calculation of the tuition fees, hereby we recommend one of the following:

a. A payment based on the type of course that a student is registered for, considering only the prices of the lowest 12 credits regardless of the student’s

major; for example a biology credit would cost 590$ while a history credit would cost 550$ (2012-2013 fees table).

b. Initiating a contract between the university’s business office and the student, in which the university gives a written consensus about the exact cost of a

degree for the newly attended student.

5. Promising that the students will not be the first target to any increase in the university’s budgetary plans in the future.

6. Considering the consent of the University Student Council and the Campus Student Councils prior to any proposed increase in tuition fees.

The student body at Lebanese American University considers the above demands as basic rights, and denying them is unjustifiable. Moreover, since our only concern would be achieving the goals and demands of this petition, we will be circulating the above mentioned concerns around Beirut and Byblos campuses starting Tuesday October 1, 2013 until Friday October 4, 2013; thus we expect a positive response from the university’s administration by no further than Monday October 7, 2013.

LAU Students and Alumni

Published in Mish Jareedi September/October 2013 Printed Edition – click here to view original publication