TAKE BACK LAU COUNCIL 2013: Campaign Launched

Because we are sick and tired of “November Stalks” by Political representatives working on campus – winning seats but never achieving

Because we are exhausted of sighing and hating the fact that the Student Council speaks for everything accept the rights and the interests of the students

Because it is our duty to speak up for ourselves and for all the students whom the Political Rally fell short in representing – who are marginalized amidst the feud that is only leading to the destruction of all the civil grounds on which Lebanon stands

Because we are many – and we are strong when we stand together

Because we are not running under “Independent” just to camouflage a hidden political agenda

And because history has proven that we have the power to speak up and get our voices heard,

This year, we are running for the LAU Student Council elections as individuals, as students with no concern but to get their voices heard and work for the better of the student-life and student-university relationship

This year, on the 8th of November, we will walk into both LAU Campuses, with no unified costumes – only a celebration of our diversity, and our unified will to Take Back the LAU Student Council

This year, on the 8th of November, we will mark the Lebanese American University with not just a political statement; we will prove that Lebanon is not only blind political and sectarian captivity

This year, on the 8th of November we will walk into campus, against all odds and despite whatever the world would say and threaten,

This year on the 8th of November, we will get our voices heard,

We will Vote Alternative,

We will Take Back the LAU Council with democracy, diversity, and freedom of thought.

Take Back LAU Council Coalition of Alternative Candidates



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