Take Back LAU Council 2013: SaraBelle Khalife, Alternative Candidate, Arts & Sciences, Beirut


For years, the Lebanese citizens have been complaining from the corrupt sectarian system, which has been clearly reflected in the university student councils around the country.

This must be brought to an end.

To change this bitter reality, we believe that we should start with our own university!

It is time to stand together for the benefit of us all

It is time to throw away fanatic ideals and begin rationalizing for the sake of us all

It is time we take new choices in life, for the emancipation of us all

I’m not telling you to vote for me,

I’m asking you to choose the “someone” who will serve the general benefit of students, despite their different backgrounds, despite their political and sectarian affiliations.

Choose the “someone” who will fight for the rights of students, regardless the cost

Choose the “someone” who would never hesitate or stop the struggle when threatened by expulsion

Choose the “someone whose active participation in Stop the Tuition Fees Increase campaign is just the beginning

Never under-estimate the Students’ Power when they stand united, and

Vote alternative.