Take Back LAU Council 2013: Wissal Chaaban, Alternative Candidate, Bussiness School, Byblos


What if?

What if you don’t want to be represented by agenda-less candidates who are treating you as a mean? What if you’d like to spark a change in this country by standing up for your rights and voting for change? What if you’d like to start that ripple effect?
What if you’d like to hold your own council accountable for what it accomplished and failed to accomplish? (When was the last time we voted for someone with an agenda and held them responsible for their actions and achievements?)
If our country is run by corrupted individuals –and you complain about this every single day but there’s nothing that you could really do about it, why would you allow this corruption to enter your very council and interfere with the high quality education you’re paying for? Isn’t it YOUR right to enjoy a non-political and a secular education?

Take back what it’s yours…

Because we’re sick of how politics and sectarianism are suffocating us everywhere we go!
When I first came to LAU, I thought “I’m finally getting an education in a secular environment”. .. But it was the exact opposite; to me and many others, this “environment” was never truly secular: every year, the political clashes and the sectarian upbringing on campus during elections IGNORE the LAU students’ rights, concerns and demands.
The LAU student council is supposed to represent each and every student alike; as students, not as means for any political or sectarian schemes.

Vote Alternative, for Alternative listens to you, preserves your rights as LAU students, voices your problems and needs no matter what religion or political background you belong to.
It is time to take back what is yours from the first place. Take back your very LAU student Council.

Disgusted by how elections go around, I didn’t even bother to go to campus on the day of elections during my first year at LAU.

During my second year, I had to put a white card because there was no “alternative”.

THIS year – and every year from now on – there will be an Alternative Choice.

It is time to let some air in, to avoid suffocation.

Don’t let your country’s corruption get into your education.

Vote alternative.


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