Voting Alternative

Three years in university and all the difference in student representation I have come across was… well… none.

As a recent graduate of Political Science from LAU, my classes were filled with riveting discussions on the Lebanese system and its many flaws, and I was glad to be part of an environment of students that always struggled against the sectarian stream and called for secular modes of action.

So, why you is it that you, a political science student in LAU, should vote Alternative?


Primarily, our sectarian-ridden national political system should not find its way into our private educational platform. Our rowdy political parties must not have the right to exercise their agendas inside our campus, whose student council should remain free of ideologies and phony promises.

Another main reason to vote Alternative is you; Students at LAU have long called for proper representation and truthful allegations. Do you want to be bombarded with phone calls every November promising you this and that, or do you want to see bona fide action taken in an independent student-oriented council that would actually represent you?

Personally I would vote for someone who would represent me, a secular individual, and not one that will represent the desires of our national political parties on my own account. History has only proven to be against any promises given by politicized candidates, and it is time to act on this fact.

Additionally, if it is not the Political Science department that speaks up the loudest and the clearest, then who will? We are all in this field for a reason – be it to see change, or to be the change. Voting Alternative will be the beginning of a long awaited metamorphosis in student thought concerning our life on campus and your input will be the chief basis for that.

And so, to students of the Political Science department, and all students at LAU in general – voting Alternative is key. Stand in opposition to sectarianism, stand in opposition to false promises, and stand in opposition to status quo.

Vote Alternative

– Nour Nassif

Published in Mish Jareedi November 2013 Printed Edition – click here to view original publication