Aftermath of the Election Day

A day of mourning with all the ones truly involved wearing black. Whether mourning for the funeral that goes back a couple of Centuries ago or for the death of any sense of political correctness (whether they realize it or not).

With the students attempting to get to their classes without harassment and failing miserably. One word could be said was the word of the day ”NO”. With some cool looking dude that you’ve never seen before in your life coming at you saying ”Shu ya bro?”. With some guy remembering you from last year’s election day and talking to you again only on that special anniversary that the both of you share, trying once more to ask you ”shu who you voting for”. With an old friend telling you to off yourself because you’re not voting for her, misconceiving between friendship and the freedom of political action. One word and one word only came to mind that day ”NO”.

Oh but don’t get me wrong a lot of people had fun that I sure did… with all the over-sized gorillas wearing their bulletproof vests, their big casks, and holding their batons and ”special places”, all of them standing idle by on OUR gates rigorously inspecting US with their eyes. Quite humorous! Also let us not forget the wonderful opportunity that this brought us the ability to once again smoke on campus and enjoy nicotine filled air as we try to cope with all the stress induced by studies and deadlines, the heavy-load of the day, and the additional stress of all the ”political” advertisements walking on two feet.

In any case I voted. For the first time I actually got -somewhat- involved and voted… not for the numbers that have handicapped the whole of the Country’s institution (and I didn’t want handicapping my University). ”NO”.

I voted for three letters that provided me with an alternative choice. A choice that actually gave a damn about facing the administration, and not supported by some political faction whose only interest is to statistically count how many students will belong to them. But a choice that would actually, at the very least, attempt to make things better. To represent the Students that are a part of their name. To start a Movement.

I voted, without a hint of regret, no matter the outcome, Alternatively.

Assem Bazzi

– This article is a contribution to the Alternative Students Open Platform