Public Statement by Students from American University of Beirut

As the Alternative Student Movement mainly aims to define student rights and defend them from violation, and in total, unconditional support of our fellow students in the American University of Beirut. For you to read and consider, we in Mish Jareedi proudly re-publish this statement, which was found on AUB campus on the morning of Monday (February 17, 2014).

“Following the latest developments concerning the pressing issue of increase in tuition fees at AUB, coupled with the administration’s indifference towards the students’ rights and demands, and as the “Tuition Fees Increase” committee (represented by the USFC Vice President Jinane Abi Ramia) follows up on this case by meeting with AUB President Peter Dorman, on Friday February 21, to present our demands; we, the students of the American University of Beirut, declare the following:

  • We are expecting clear and definitive answers, commitments, and decisions regarding the financial and administrative policies to be followed by AUB for the coming years, immediately following the president’s meeting with the USFC vice president. The timing is of crucial importance especially that this meeting precedes the Board of Trustees meeting in March to decide on the mentioned policies.
  • We will no longer accept, the administration’s continuous disregard to the fact that students are the primary contributors to AUB’s budget. We should have a say in how and where our money is spent.
  • The unjustified increases in tuition fees coincide with and result from clear financial mismanagement by the AUB administration.

The student body is ready to take action in case the President fails to provide convincing answers and definite commitments.

This time the administration will have no alternative but to comply with our demands.

Students of the American University of Beirut

Published originally in Mish Jareedi February 2014 printed edition, click here to view the original publicaiton