As All Stories Go

(Thea L Khoury)

I would like to take a walk with you through the jungles of my mind

I’d like to have a talk with you, show you a bit of my insides

Present to you the subjects that have puzzled up my brain

Maybe then you would understand, you would comprehend

My addiction, it’s so strange

I swirl under and around and through

And try to materialize my thoughts

But the images of words I use

Throw me back in my mother’s arms

She used to say, son never abuse

What can do you wrong

She said,  “ Never let anything get to you

Always stand tall, stay strong”

Mighty as I was

I did not understand these lines

Maybe it’s because I was locked,

Locked up within the child that dwelled

And refused to die

For years I fed this child

With egotistical lies

It hungered and yelled out for more

As my body tried to move on and grow old

This child he held me back, he held me through, he held me high

We played some games

Of course I let him win-

For he was only just a child.

Then it went as all stories go

Along came this girl

Not a girl, but a woman

She enchanted me with captivating eyes

Passion, what strange of a concept

What strange of a world…

It took me minimal effort,

I was engulfed in amazement

And so I forgot the child, I forgot the games

In the blink of an eye

For she opened up a world to me,

She showed me things

I never knew

She took me with her along the path of emotions that were raw.

New experiences were introduced to me

As I indulged in those luxuries

Where beautiful fantasies suddenly came to life

I was true,

I made her all.

Until as all stories go

She left, she walked away

Leaving me stranded in a maze

A maze I knew not at all

I hurt, I cried, I suffered, I even prayed

But all was gone, I was crushed, devastated, drowned

As I swirled into a vortex of fovea

As time passed by, all the hollowness grew frail

And so I peeped underneath the surface

To find the child neglected, starved and scared.

He refused to play with me

I blamed that girl,

I blamed myself.

Then I met that girl again

I stared into her eyes

I asked her why she left me,

Why she had left me there with no pride

She told me boy, she called me man

She said I let my essence die

I looked at her, I was confused

Though she looked very composed

She said these words, they were all she said

As she turned away and walked

And there I was, and there I stood

There I stood without the girl,

I stood without the child,

I stood till I could stand no more,

Then I crumpled up and died.

Published in Mish Jareedi February 2014 Printed Edition – click here to view original publication