She Is Not Alone

(Elsa Saade)

When you hear the word “woman” what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?

On a hunt for a thought, a feeling, a word that best characterizes every woman’s journey in life, I found one word that equated every woman, and every woman society in the world and its history: “Struggle”

There’s a different struggle in every woman’s heart and in every woman society on the timeline of history. One might struggle the pain of giving birth, while another might struggle the pain of being condemned to never bear a child. One might struggle to marry a woman she loves, while another might struggle with a cheating man she once chose, or even to find a man who actually looks into her eyes more than onto her curves, one who actually loves her. One used to struggle for her right to vote while another is struggling for her right not to be killed in her own home.

What joins them all – at every corner of the world and in every point in history –  is one very specific uncommon type of struggle no other man on earth could live. What joins them all is the responsibility of having to struggle more than anyone else in the world.

At some distant point in our lives, we all had her womb be our shelter, men and women. The closest we’ve been to a beating heart. Some men understand this type of asylum in a world far from the starting point of their lives and live to appreciate every scent of a woman’s lifetime, while others are born with a sense of revenge towards the deprivation of warmth. What the second type does not understand is that warmth can be found in a woman’s love, a woman’s “struggle” for life.

Be it finding security in one’s home, having the same pay as a man, raising the men of the future, or even frowning at all those hungry disgusting gazes she gets everyday walking on the street, she does not have a choice.

I would understand now why parents get sad when they know they’re having a babygirl. But you know what? It may be true that every human is born alone, but the way I see it, no woman stands alone on this planet of ours. None. We are united in our struggle for life.

Published in Mish Jareedi February 2014 Printed Edition – click here to view original publication