Dazed & Mentally Abused Pt. 2

Monday evening

And I’m writing

I’m writing waterfalls of yellow

And brown

They say shit happens

In my opinion it doesn’t happen enough

Indulgence is an art of the capable

And though I’m impotent

I feed off of the illusions

Illusions of lust

Illusions of capability

They say I travel oceans to live my dark days

When in reality

I travel dark days to live my oceans

Do not be fooled

My wine is no finer than yours

I just enjoy it more than you do

And I lose consciousness

To gain consciousness

My roads are abstract

But that’s what keeps you interested

This is where I dare you

To judge me

And here I am

A single malt

Ready to be social

Ready to become blended

And this is where I ask of you

My friend, my foe

To bring on your next challenge

For I am

And will continue to be

A minute you can never choose to ignore

– Lynn Amine

Published in Mish Jareedi February 2014 Printed Edition – click here to view original publication