March for Women’s Rights

March 8 2014. Judiciary center, Mathaf, Beirut, Lebanon – Celebrating the International Woman’s day, the Alternative Student Movement participated in the march for Women’s rights in Lebanon. The March was a response to the increasing number of deaths among women due to domestic violence. Men and women went out to the streets to demand the establishment of a law that protects women against domestic abuse. The march was organized by KAFA (enough) Violence & Exploitation, the Lebanese NGO that has drafted a law of protection of women since 2010 but the parliament has still not passed it.

A large segment of the protest constituted of university students from LAU, AUB, USJ and Balamand. Photos of victimized Lebanese women lead the march, as the voices were raised in protest, demanding equality and justice for the mourning families – a whole new ambiance of hope and change.


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