What Now?

(Assem Bazzi)

Ever since 2002, at the tender age of 9, I have been waiting for my revenge. I was, and still am, a German fan when it comes down to football… and I got to tell you: This year was fulfilling to every German fan out there. They bashed the Brazilians and avenged Oliver Kahn’s tears, by shedding the tears of an entire nation. Ah… and when the trophy was snatched by the loyal foot soldiers of Merkel from the offspring of Maradona, it was the cherry on top. The World Cup had ended on a high note for me and I was content running around in Hamra cheering along with all the other German fans that had literally paraded in the streets that night.

But it was over… the beer drinking, the constant cheering and condolences to one another about a bunch of big dudes kicking a ball around, the inconsequential fights between friends, the happiness at a win, and the sorrow of a loss, it was over.

We had to go back to reality now. It sucks! The killings in Gaza, the Ukraine Crisis, the rise of ISIS, the economic sanctions on Russia, the war in Syria, the war in Iraq, the elections in Afghanistan, the bombs, the bullets, and this stupid weather.

Back to a life without Grand football matches, and all this shit is hitting the fan! The only thing most of us are capable of doing is to wait around for 2 years till the Euro-Cup starts. It’s freaking pathetic, but can you really blame them for wanting to ignore all of these crude and dire situations with a pass time that becomes a borderline religion?

All that we have now is: the ability to go about our empty lives and try to fill them with something/anything else till the next tournament comes by again, along with the capacity to be absolutely apathetic to all the sufferings around us, indulging ourselves within our distractive routines which shape our everyday lives. Aren’t we a grand race of monkeys?

Featured Imaged retrieved from Cake Or Death by Alex Baker