Callout for October 2014 Submissions

Contributions to Mish Jareedi to be published in October 2014 are now open!
You are invited to send your articles, research papers, photo-essays, photographs, and illustrations to

Submissions will be published in the month of October following a confirmation email of receipt by our editorial team.

Kindly consider the following Submission Guidelines before sending your material.

General guidelines;

  • Kindly include Submission October/[type of submission] in the Subject of the Email
  • Submissions to include an expert; one to two lines synopsis
  • Submissions to include an optional 50-100 words background information about the author in the email
  • As the main languages of our platform are English and Arabic, kindly refer from submitting material in any other language
  • If attaching material that are not of other ownership than yourselves (attachment photos, statistical charts, etc…) kindly include the references

Kindly consider additional guidelines below;


  1. Kindly maintain a word-limit of 800 words, optimum articles range between 200 and 600 words
  2. Your piece must also have at least one image attached to it
  3. Kindly include at least 3 tags with every submission

Photo-Essays and photos

  1. Kindly include 100 – 200 words introduction to your essay
  2. Kindly include captions to the photos when necessary

Research Papers

  1. Kindly include 100 – 200 words introduction to your paper
  2. Your paper must be at least 4 pages long and not exceed 10 pages
  3. Research papers are to be submitted in Word Document Format, 12 size font, single-spacing
  4. kindly include a bibliography of references and background readings