Mish Jareedi

Mish Jareedi is a free student-lead media panel, an alternative platform produced by a group of dedicated activists and students from the Alternative Student Movement.

The online journal/blog aims to articulate an alternative student vision, producing research, journal work, and news produced by student-activists. A printed version of “Mish Jareedi” is produced on a monthly basis.

Offering students a platform to express, discuss, and develop ideas
Advocating civic culture, student activism, and student-oriented reformatory policies
Providing space and professional experience to develop student capabilities

Mish Jareedi is open for contributions, for more information please refer to contribution guidelines

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The Alternative Student Movement

The Alternative Student Movement is a Lebanese civic, pluralist, and progressive student collective. It was founded by students/activists from the Lebanese American University. It aims to 1) Define student rights and protect them from violation, 2) Provide an alternative, independent, and pluralist political and cultural student platform, and 3) Promote civic culture through advocating secularism, socioeconomic equality, and civil rights.

The movement was established in fall 2012, after the Take Back LAU Council 2013 marked a victory of independent candidates against politically affiliated coalitions on campus. The achievement marked the first milestone, the movement has been gaining momentum ever since.



Contact the Movement:

Email: alternativestudentmovement@gmail.com

Facebook: ASMovement

Twitter: @ASMovement

Mish Jareedi Editorial: editorial.mishjareedi@gmail.com

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