Callout for October 2014 Submissions

Contributions to Mish Jareedi to be published in October 2014 are now open!
You are invited to send your articles, research papers, photo-essays, photographs, and illustrations.Check out submission guidelines and regulations.

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مداهمة حمام تركي: استقواء على من؟

(صفا حمزة) من المفترض أن تحمي قوانين الدولة التنوع والإختلاف بالأخص في إطار موضوع شخصي كالحرية الجنسية، لكن سطوة العقائد الدينية عليها يأخذها في اتجاه آخر، اتجاه لا يأبه بالحريات والحقوق والتنوع بل بصبغ الشعب كله بلون واحد يشعره بالأمان.

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TEDxLAU Hosts ASM’s Hassan Harb

True #LAUPRIDE – walking us through 3 years of student struggle and activism as an independent individual with personal ideals, and as part of a student movement struggling for the sake of a better society – join us this Saturday at TEDxLAU ‘s 3rd annual event: TEDxLAU 2014: TimeCapsuleXand hear what our one and only Hassan Harb has to say!

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Mish Jareedi- 2014 August/September Issue

Mish Jareedi 11th Issue (August/September 2014): Cyber-war: A Component in USEK Student Struggle – Hassan Harb: The activist, The Scholar, LAU’s Pride- I Don’t Understand War – مداهمة حمام تركي، استقواء على من؟ – “لا للتمديد”، شيء من النقد الذاتي – click to preview PDF version of the issue in print

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What Now?

(Assem Bazzi) Back to a life without Grand football matches, and all this shit is hitting the fan! The only thing most of us are capable of doing is to wait around for 2 years till the Euro-Cup starts. It’s freaking pathetic… (read more) #Gaza #beirut #FIFAworldcup #Lebanon

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