What Now?

(Assem Bazzi) Back to a life without Grand football matches, and all this shit is hitting the fan! The only thing most of us are capable of doing is to wait around for 2 years till the Euro-Cup starts. It’s freaking pathetic… (read more) #Gaza #beirut #FIFAworldcup #Lebanon

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March for Women’s Rights

A large segment of the protest constituted of university students from LAU, AUB, USJ and Balamand. Photos of victimized Lebanese women lead the march, as the voices were raised in protest, demanding equality and justice for the mourning families – a whole new ambiance of hope and change.

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The Student Council got elected… Now what?

Inside the council, things aren’t going exactly well. Some of the meetings we held didn’t have a clear agenda, or a proper division of tasks. Neither are all of the members coming with the mindset or spirit of changing the student life in our university to the better. Fortunately all the political bigotry and polarization that surfaces on Elections day disappear and hardly made it to the council. Supposedly the choice of being cool and playing along, is the one that reigns.

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