Hassan Harb: the Activist, the Scholar, LAU’s Pride

“We were all subjected to so much pressure, we felt like it was us against the world, but there was no alternative for the struggle,” said Harb in retrospect. “LAU was an incubator for student interaction, and I cannot deny how constructively it had contributed to my personal and professional development.”

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Mish Jareedi- 2014 August/September Issue

Mish Jareedi 11th Issue (August/September 2014): Cyber-war: A Component in USEK Student Struggle – Hassan Harb: The activist, The Scholar, LAU’s Pride- I Don’t Understand War – مداهمة حمام تركي، استقواء على من؟ – “لا للتمديد”، شيء من النقد الذاتي – click to preview PDF version of the issue in print

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