Layane El Horr, Alternative Candidate, Business School, Beirut – Take Back LAU Council 2013

Layane El Horr

Business School – Beirut

“Why are you doing this? You’re tiring yourself for nothing. This is the system; accept it as you can’t change it. There’s no such thing as being independent. How dare you? You’re losing big time….”

YES people! I’ve heard it all, and I’m still in.

Why? Well this is my senior year at LAU, meaning that I’ve already witnessed two elections on campus, and couldn’t feel well represented on either one. I’ve witnessed the parties’ appeal to emotions by reminding us, the students, of our belonging to our respective sects (after asking about our last names, of course), and insisting on the fact that if we don’t vote for them, the other party from the different sect could win and take over the campus, and we wouldn’t want that now would we! And whenever I couldn’t resist arguing back, reminding them of the repeated scenarios of their fake promises and empty agendas, they would reply with the most logical argument “Sure we’ve made mistakes in the past, but this year is different, trust us. Besides, there’s a bad option and a worst option. So you choose the bad one.”

Today I can say it, we have an ALTERNATIVE option, and it’s a great one!

Today I can proudly say that I’m a candidate representing the students, and only the students, rather than representing political parties and religious sects that have nothing to do with the university except for proving their hollow dominance. We are students with real agendas for which you can hold us accountable, and real demands based on our unmet needs for the past years. And because we are from the students and FOR the students, you can be sure that our effort and hard work don’t stop after the poll’s result is out.

Today, I’m running as a candidate for the business school, above 60 credits. Meaning that I represent my fellow business students that have been here long enough to see what I saw and hopefully realize what I realized.

As business students, many times we graduate with a dream job that soon gets crushed because we don’t have the right family name or don’t know the right person. So today, even if I lose big in the elections as they say, I’ll know that I’ve already won if I could provide an Alternative option to at least one business student that believes that politics and religion have nothing to do with one’s career and education.

We might not be able to replace sectarianism with efficiency in our society, but we sure can try to do it in our university.

In the end, if you agree with us and you want this change,

BE the change,

Vote Alternative

– Layane


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