Pia Kfoury, Alternative Candidate, Arts & Sciences, Byblos – Take Back LAU Council 2013

Pia_KfouryPia Kfoury

Arts & Sciences – Byblos

Its November again; and just like every November at LAU our campus becomes a reflection of the Lebanese political system, and everything that is wrong with it. Students are badgered for votes, and by people who are offering them empty promises and expecting loyalty on the basis of religion and political identity. But WHAT IF you don’t have a political affiliation? Better yet, what if you do have a political affiliation and you feel that it has nothing to do with your choice of student representation in university!?

I found this system and its flaws appealing once as well, so much that I went ahead and played along. I tried to convince myself that politics and sectarianism did belong on campus, but it was all because I knew no alternative.

Well…they don’t.

A student council representative is present to serve student interests and to be held accountable for the agenda base on which he was elected; not to score victories for that party or the other and have the council in deadlock for the rest of the year. Student council representatives have a year-long duty to fulfill their duties, which do not end once they secure the votes.

I did not have an alternative when I chose to play along,

but you do.

You have a group of people who have chosen to put their religious and political views aside and work for the good of every student regardless of sect, religion, and belief.

You have a group of people offering you change, offering you an agenda, offering you the chance to get YOUR voice heard.

Take them up on their offer,

Take your council back,

Vote Alternative.

– Pia


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