Take Back LAU Council Official Campaign Statement


Last year marked the first successful independent student electoral movement at the Lebanese American University under the name of “Take Back LAU Council”. We have shown that an alternative choice is not only available; it is a right for students. Last year’s team succeeded in winning one seat in Beirut’s council. The Alternative candidate became the council’s president due to the inconsistency of both struggling parties to obtain a majority in the council.

After the fruitful experience of last year’s elections, and due to our realization that the council is being subject to malfunctioning as a result of political feud by the existing parties, and based on the promises we gave our fellow students, Take Back LAU Council Team officially announces the initiation of its campaign for the academic year 2013-2014, based upon the following demands:

  1. Promoting the role of student governance in decision-making tactics and in following up all needs and demands of students that cover academic and student life subjects.
  2. Having “Stop Tuition Fee Increase” demand as one of the top priorities in our agenda, in which the issue will be handled by our prospective council members at both campuses.
  3. Demanding the increase in transparency in the university’s budget so that we would be better acknowledged in where the money is being spent in our institution.
  4. Calling for the increase in the opening hours of our libraries, especially during exam periods, and inaugurate 24-hour studios and working areas for students.
  5. Working to have a more winter-friendly campus, in which the number of rain shelters should be increased and pathways between buildings would be covered.
  6. Balancing the availability of courses between Beirut and Byblos campuses.
  7. Improving the student housing (dorms) in terms of reducing the rental fees, increasing the services and putting plans to increase the availability of places.
  8. Putting much more effort in providing conference and internship opportunities for all students and supporting them financially.
  9. Calling for monthly meetings between the council and student body; and a meeting between students and the president so that we could discuss and handle various on-date topics.
  10.  Increasing the funding for research institutions and acknowledging the students’ efforts in the research work.

Take Back LAU Team proudly announces the names of our honored candidates in both Beirut and Byblos campuses:

Beirut Campus:

  • School of Arts and Sciences, below 60 credits: Sarabelle Khalifeh.

  • School of Arts and Sciences, 60 credits and above: Ferdous Naili.

  • School of Business, 60 credits and above: Layane el Horr.

  • School of Architecture and Design: Shaden Fakih.

Byblos Campus:

In addition, and based on the principles of the Take Back LAU campaign in which the candidates are Alternative independent students un-affiliated in any way with any political or religious group; we give our full support to any independent candidate on both campuses if his or her campaign platform agrees with the team’s agenda. On this basis, Take Back LAU Council 2013 fully supports all the independent candidates who will be running in other schools on both campuses, an independent candidate is the Alternative choice for all students.

Towards prosperous governance we work, and towards a better society we hope.

Take Back LAU Council 2013



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