Take Back LAU Council 2013: Candidates Page_2

TBC EVENTTo All LAU students:

We officially announce that, for the second consecutive year, we will be running for the student council elections. But this year we decided to expand our campaign to reach the Byblos campus, so that we make sure that we can represent all the students on both campuses. We are the alternative option and we will always fight for your rights.

Ramzi Habr, Take Back LAU Council 2013


Pia Kfoury

You have a group of people who have chosen to put their religious and political views aside and work for the good of every student regardless of sect, religion, and belief.

You have a group of people offering you change, offering you an agenda, offering you the chance to get YOUR voice heard.

Take them up on their offer,

Take your council back,

Vote alternative.

– Pia Kfoury

Sara_Belle_Khalife SaraBelle Khalife

Choose the “someone” who will serve the general benefit of students, despite their different backgrounds, despite their political and sectarian affiliations.

Choose the “someone” who will fight for the rights of students, regardless the cost

Choose the “someone” who would never hesitate or stop the struggle when threatened by expulsion

Choose the “someone whose active participation in Stop the Tuition Fees Increase campaign is just the beginning

Never under-estimate the Students’ Power when they stand united, and

Vote alternative.

– SaraBelle

wissal_chaabanWissal Chaaban

Disgusted by how elections go around, I didn’t even bother to go to campus on the day of elections during my first year at LAU.

During my second year, I had to put a white card because there was no “alternative”.

THIS year – and every year from now on – there will be an Alternative Choice.

It is time to let some air in, to avoid suffocation.

Don’t let your country’s corruption get into your education.

Vote alternative.

– Wissal


Layane El Horr

As business students, many times we graduate with a dream job that soon gets crushed because we don’t have the right family name or don’t know the right person. So today, even if I lose big in the elections as they say, I’ll know that I’ve already won if I could provide an Alternative option to at least one business student that believes that politics and religion have nothing to do with one’s career and education.

We might not be able to replace sectarianism with efficiency in our society, but we sure can try to do it in our university.

In the end, if you agree with us and you want this change,

BE the change,

Vote alternative

–          Layane

More Alternative Candidates to be declared soon!


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